Our Amazing Video features!


We are crazy about good quality. We record in 4k and deliver our videos in 4k (highlights Only), to ensure you have high detailed looking footage.

Multiple Angles

We always have two cinematographers at every event. It ensures that you have a wide range of angles covered. We use a 3 camera set up and edit with all 3 angles to give it that cinematic look.


We pride oursleves in the broad music rang we are able to work with. We offer licensed music fitting to make the mood of your movie!


We use the most latest technology to ensure you have the highest quality and steady footage. From Cameras that shoot 4k, to Gimbals, Drones, Sliders, Tripods, Monopods, Lighting, Post Edition Programs, and much more. You may view our full equipment list in the link provided:



To all of our videos we edit them with premium color grading to enhance the colors and bring out all the beautiful scenes from each and every clip.


We take audio very serious. Clean audio is very important to us. We make sure we are able to hear you clearly by using the latest in audio recorder technology. Lapel microphones, rode microphones, and much more. 




We have recently added Aerial shots to our videos. It gives a wider perspective and who doesn't like drone footage! 




  •  Meet and Dream: We love to meet all of our clients face to face and get to know them. We dream up your video, discussing all the details, visualize your movie, and advise our clients accordingly.
  •  Film Day: We work! and work! Putting into action all of the ideas talked about.
  •  Edition Period: Between 4-8 weeks this is where all the bulk of the work happens. This is where we make magic, peicing together everything into: your movie.
  •  Delievery: We notify you that your movie is ready and the final product is delievered. You may either choose to pick it up in person or have it mailed.