Rachel and Josh's Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Gatsby with Style!

When Rachel met with us, she was initially looking for a Videographer to capture her day. We sat down, ate lunch, and she formed her vision for me. Everyone back through time to the 1920s, Curls were tight, flappers were in style, beads; feathers along with suspenders and canes. I thought this was perfect!

Her vision seemed like something we’d been wanting to do but didn’t know we wanted it! At that time we were re-opening our photography to offer both services. Rachel had mentioned that she was booking photography with someone else, (Have you ever had a gut feeling?)I didn’t know why but I was persistent about her booking us with both! I gave her both quotes in case anything happened.

The Devastation!

A week after we had met, Rachel called me mentioning that her photographer couldn’t photograph her wedding and would be unavailable! She was so surprised and mentioned if our offer was still on the table. “OF COURSE it is!!!” Even more so after what had happened. We went ahead and started the whole booking process. I am not gonna lie, deep down I knew that this wedding was going to be a hit.

Gut feelings don’t lie!

From her bridals to her wedding day- this couple was amazing and surprised us both! We truly wish them the best, we hope you enjoy these photos and film!

The Details:

The Getting Ready:


Bride and Groom:



Vendors who made it happen:

Venue/Photobooth: Ashton Gardens North

Hair and Makeup: Joy Williams Beauty

Dress: Vivienne Atelier

Cake: Cakes by Tammy

Decor: A Touch of Grace by Odessa Green


Get away Car: