Edgy Winter Styled Shoot

Finding our style has been an interesting adventure.

We’ve gone from maternity sessions, family portraits, quinces, to sticking just to weddings. When we found out that weddings were our “thing” we decided to further develop our skills to create amazing portraiture and films. But at that time the market was so saturated with photographers and very few videographers, we decided to take the less common road. We dedicated 2 years to films only. Learning every aspect to give timeless films. Two years of hard grinding and spending so much money on video equipment! (its expensive!)

But we kinda through photography away, a lot of people asked us, do you do both!!!?! Sadly we would respond no we just do photography. Until recently we were able to expand beyond and take our concepts and put them out there!

But how would we incorporate our style?

We teamed up with Rachel May Weddings and created this styled shoot inspired by our love for Drama.

During winter trending colors are typically wine, earthy tones and greenery. We wanted to incorporate black candles with winter cranberries. But we didn’t want something traditional but more as an edgy interpretation of what Winter should be. We wanted to have our own version of a Rebellious Bride.


Taking it to the Next Level